Special Technology has been created by the Ceris Technical team in the CRS range of products. This unique system has been created with small molecules which allows the products to penetrate into the hair in a natural way.

All of the CRS range of products contain pure Argan Oil. It is the only system that really works with your own natural defence system, leaving your hair looking naturally soft and shiny. The formulation created allows this to happen which also includes encouraging your body to use its own mechanism to create a natural look. The majority of the products on the market contain silicone and polyurethane which are plastic based products. However, the CRS range of products do not contain these ingredients. Silicone is not a natural product.

If you have been using silicone based products, the CRS products will remove the silicone from the hair after using the cleansing shampoo. It will require you to use the cleansing shampoo at least 2 or 3 times to be able to remove the silicon from the hair. Obviously, this will depend on how much silicone has been built up in the hair. It is important to note that after using the CRS products a couple of times, it will leave your hair dry because of the buildup of silicon. However, afterwards once the hair is free of silicone the hair will become soft and shiny.

Using the Ceris Hair Mask, will help restore your hair back to its natural softness.