Researchers have discovered that cactus extract provides numerous benefits to the body both inside and out. The cactus extract contains large quantities of phytochemicals that promote increased immune efficiency, and high level of antioxidants. The antioxidants help neutralize free radicals and protect against further attacks causing extrinsic aging. Cactus Flower Extract antioxidants content may help to improve the development of cell renewal. Thus Cactus Flower Extract provides significant effects for hair care. Frizzy, brittle hair shows that hair is dehydrated and, literally, thirsty, a result from lower level of lipids of the epidermis and cuticle cells. Moisturising agents of this extract when absorbed into the hair shaft dispenses maximum re-hydration and act on the outside of the hair to re- moisturise and fortify parched cuticle cells.


Additionally increasing hair elasticity, by providing essentials between moisture, strength and conditioning to the hair scalp and root areas. Thus, Cactus Flower Extract acts as a barrier in preventing premature aging of the hair and hair root.