We are pleased to announce a game-changer of an innovative NEW product!

COLOUR SPLASH is a gel dye without oxidisation in a 7 colour striking range with a difference!

COLOUR SPLASH colours can be used individually and also can be mixed within the range to create the exact colour tones required.

The accompanying CERIS FADER can be used to tone down colours to more pastel tones as desired too!

We have designed this colour range to give Salons a striking and vibrant colour range which is flexible and easy and quick to apply.

The range is designed to be used on pre-lightened hair.

For eye-catching slash’s of colour, or full head, your customer’s will just love our COLOUR SPLASH range!

Colour (Splash)

Cosmic Purple, Fresh Green, Luscious Red, Mediterranian Aqua, Stone Grey, Sunset, Wild Indigo

Colour Splash – 150ml


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