All CERIS permanent colouring creams are made of Karite Butter. There are 99 different shades in the CERIS colour series i.e. 10 Basic Tones, 6 Super-Lighteners, 5 Intensifiers/Correctors, 5 Intensive Natural, 5 Natural Warm Colours, 3 Super Meche. CERIS colours are of high quality colour tones (99% natural) with special pigment used for white hair which guarantees a perfect finish with accurate colour tones, providing more durable natural colour, thanks to the maximum colour pigments that have been formulated to provide a dazzling Natural Colour + Shine. The colours of CERIS tones are divided into a “SERIES” of defined colours: Natural, Ash, Gold, Gold Copper, Copper, Red, Mahogany and plum etc. ALL shades can be mixed together to obtain an unlimited array of colours!!!! CERIS Colours are packaged in 100 ml tubes. Each one of the product colour tones are correct and balanced when the right quantities of CERIS colour is added to CERIS oxidising cream to obtain the best results.

Post –Colouring Treatment

After colouring, it is a good idea to use a “preventative/restorative” product to protect the hair and allow the hair styling professional to effectively restore the physiological balance of the skin and hair.

The specific products of the CERIS HAIR COLOUR line after-colour shampoo and CERIS

Intensive Argan Oil Conditioner, are those that meet the need to intervene to:

• Bring the skin and hair back to their natural pH (pH 4.5-5.5);
• Eliminate alkaline residues or oxidation to reduce swelling of the structure;
• Prevent loss of colour;
• Protect against substances in the air.

We recommend you use CERIS Intensive Argan Oil Treatment Shampoo & Intensive Argan Oil Conditioner to protect fade etc. YOU CAN FIND OUT IN- DEBTH INFORMATION IN OUR TECHNICAL MANUAL BY CLICKING “TECHNICAL SUPPORT ”

CERIS recommend a skin sensitivity test prior to the application of oxidising colour products (those mixed with developers) within 24 hours of a colour application. A simple test on the inside of the elbow or behind the ear is advisable before using any CERIS colour products.

Colour Group

Ashes, Copper Reds, Gold Coppers, Golds, Intensifiers, Naturals, Reds


0,11 Blue, 0,22/0,77 Violet, 0,65 Red Mahogany, 0,66 Red, 0.11 Green, 1 Black, 1,10 Blue Black, 10 Extra Light Blonde, 10,31 Extra Light Golden Ash Blonde, 2 Very Dark Brown, 3 Dark Brown, 4 Brown, 4,111 Dark Grey, 4,20 Violet Brown, 4,62 Red Irise Brown, 4.45 Copper Mahogany Brown, 5 Light Brown, 5,0 Light Intense Brown, 5,03 Light Brown Golden Chestnut, 5,07 Light Natural Brown Chestnut (Aubergine), 5,1 Light Ash Brown, 5,3 Light Golden Brown, 5,32 Light Golden Irise Chestnut, 5,34 Light Golden Copper Brown, 5,35 Light Golden Mahogany Brown, 5,4 Light Copper Brown, 5,53 Light Mahogany Golden Brown, 5,6 Light Brown Red, 5,62 Light Red Irise Brown, 5,64 Light Red Copper Brown, 5,66 Light Vivid Red Brown, 6 Dark Blonde, 6,0 Dark Intense Blonde, 6,03 Dark Brown Golden Blonde, 6,04 Dark Natural Copper Blonde (Chestnut), 6,1 Dark Ash Blonde, 6,111 Medium Grey, 6,20 Dark Violet Blonde, 6,3 Dark Golden Blonde, 6,32 Dark Golden Irise Blonde, 6,34 Dark Golden Copper Blonde, 6,35 Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde, 6,4 Dark Copper Blonde, 6,45 Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde, 6,46 Dark Copper Red Blonde, 6,53 Dark Mahogany Golden Blonde, 6,6 Dark Red Blonde, 6,64 Dark Red Copper Blonde, 6.66 Dark Intense Red Blonde, 7 Blonde, 7,0 Intense Blonde, 7,03 Brown Golden Blonde, 7,1 Ash Blonde, 7,2 Irise Blonde, 7,3 Golden Blonde, 7,31 Golden Ash Blonde, 7,32 Golden Irise Blonde, 7,34 Golden Copper Blonde, 7,35 Golden Mahogany Blonde, 7,4 Copper Blonde, 7,45 Copper Mahogany Blonde, 7,46 Copper Red Blonde, 7,6 Red Blonde, 7,66 Red Intense Blonde, 7.53 Mahogany Golden Blonde, 8 Light Blonde, 8,0 Light Intense Blonde, 8,03 Light Brown Golden Blonde, 8,1 Light Ash Blonde, 8,2 Light Irise Blonde, 8,3 Light Golden Blonde, 8,31 Light Golden Ash Blonde, 8,32 Light Golden Irise Blonde, 8,34 Light Golden Copper Blonde, 8,4 Light Copper Blonde, 8,44 Light Copper Intense Blonde, 8,45 Light Copper Mahogany Blonde, 8,6 Light Blonde Red, 8,66 Light Intense Red Blonde, 9 Very Light Blonde, 9,0 Very Light Intense Blonde, 9,03 Very Light Brown Golden Blonde, 9,1 Very Light Ash Blonde, 9,111 Light Grey, 9,2 Very Light Irise Blonde, 9,3 Very Light Golden Blonde, 9,31 Very Light Golden Ash Blonde, 9,34 Very Light Golden Copper Blonde, 9,4 Very Light Copper Blonde, 90,01 Silver, 90,02 Light Ash Blonde, 90,32 Champagne, 900 Ultra Light Blonde, 901 Ultra Light Ash Blonde, 902 Ultra Light Irise Blonde, 913 Ultra Light Ash Golden Blonde, Medium Light Grey

Permanent Hair Colour


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